(360)Halo 3:ODST

Me and two buddies of mine, Warpath 1017 and Noctow, ran through like 10 instances of Firefight mode. Me and Noctow hadn't done this part of ODST yet, but Warpath 1017 showed us some of the ropes...while he got 4 to 5 times our score...hehe.

I'm hoping to get  a second copy of ODST so I can do four-player Firefight live in the Clubhouse.


(PS3)Lost Planet 2 Demo

To start small and experiment with promoting RITS Club, I will be hosting online matches on the Playstation Network Demo of Lost Planet 2 tonight 7pm EST.

My internet connection isn't very good, but I should be able to handle 4 players...hehe.

I'll keep up the server until I get tired of playing.

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