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Whats Up@RITS Episode #19

We give an android MMO called Celes Arca a spin.


What's Up@RITS Episode #18

Jase and Dunker unbox and split up a Magic 2013 Core Set Fat Pack.


WhatsUp@RITS Episode #17

Our first attempts at playing Magic the Gathering Planechase at Eric's place.


What's Up@RITS Episode #16

Highlights from our road trip to Sci-Fi City.


It's a Kind of "Magic"...

Sorry...I'm a huge Queen fan and I couldn't resist. :-)

Yesterday, we had an epic 4-hour Magic the Gathering gaming session.
I think we played like eight 1v1 games and two 2v2 games.
Here's what it looked like...

1 - Aerial view of the 2v2 "battlefield".
2 - Eric helping JR to better understand WTF is going on. 
3 - One of the cooler moments of the day...when my Falkenrath Aristocrat became an 11/8 monstrosity.
4 - Unfortunately, she wasn't enough to save me from Eric's wrath.
5 - But before I was killed, I managed to take out JR first.

One thing I learned is that I need to take many more pictures...or better yet, video of our games.
I see a potential for an MTG@RITS section of the website.