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What's Up@RITS Episode #27 

Taking Heroes of Ruin for a spin around the Club.


What's Up@RITS Episode #26

Bringing in 2013 with Grandmaster Flash and DJ Hero.


2013...A New Start?

I actually have New Year's Eve off this year, so I was able to video the traditional "ball drop".

I only have one resolution for 2013...I want to post to the site everyday.
I've had some difficulty with this because sometimes I've felt that I don't even like games anymore, but the truth is that I really do love them and this Club is truly what I want out of my life.

The two main obstacles to success that we face are pretty much the same problems that everybody has...Time and Money.
Working 40 hours a week and commuting 12-13 more hours a week means that I only have about two hours a day of free time (except for my days off, of course)...this brings me to money.
Because of my bicycle accident a couple months ago, I am in a lot of debt, so the monetary situation at the Club has gotten ridiculously tight, so there will little to no new games featured, but we still have access to hundreds of games that we can go on and on about.
I still have tons of ideas that I want to try and, hopefully, I will stay motivated and, even if the Club is not successful, at least we will have fun trying.


What's Up@RITS Episode #25 

I'm closing RITS Club and selling all of the assets, so I can eventually reopen in New Hampshire.

What's Up@RITS Episode #24

We take advantage of the pedometer function and take our first walk around the neighborhood with our 3DS systems.