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I'm Looking for a Good Way...

...to notify club members when I'm available to play games.
I have a full-time job(at night) and a part-time job(during the day), so making a predictable gaming schedule is almost impossible.
Most of the time, I just get home, jump online, call or message a few friends and then we play games. With my schedule the way it is, this could be anytime, day or night.
My biggest problem is contacting dozens of people on a dozen or so services.
I've got some ideas, but I'm open to suggestions.
Any ideas? Contact me...


Games List is up and running...

Heya...I thought it would be a good idea to put up a full list of all of the games that we play here at RITS Club...

I will update this list as we add more games to the club.

Feel free to Contact me if you have a suggestion for a game to add to the list.



RITS Club Podcast is "Official"...


I am so inexperienced with website design that just in the past day or so, I've managed to get the RITS Club Podcast listed in iTunes.

If you'd like to add the podcast to iTunes, click here...LINK...

If you have another podcatching client...use this as the feed URL... http://runningintheshadows.com/podcast/rss.xml

I hope to do a lot with the podcast...if you have any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions, please see the Contact page to get ahold of me.



Got Chinese (PS3)Demon's Souls yesterday...

Woohoo!!! Now I can play co-op in the clubhouse...at least that's what I thought at first. Unfortunately,  the save data isn't compatible and the two games run on seperate servers, so no joy.

Sigh...I will return the game today and pick up a new copy of the North American version.



Pictures page...check it out...


I've always been a fan of photography (and in videogames, screenshots) and playing (PS3)Afrika got me thinking that I should have a Pictures page. Check it out here...LINK...

I started putting up various pics that I thought were kinda funny and I noticed a pattern...hmmm. I seem to be obsessed with something.