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    Where did the name "Running in the Shadows" come from?

    Running in the Shadows is a re-working of the title of the 360 and PC first-person shooter "Shadowrun". When I first started playing it, I was also getting very interested in podcasts and wanted to do one of my own. I got the URL and, with the help of a few friends, put up 13 episodes talking about the game and the community over the course of a year or so. I may put up a "Classic RITS" section on this site so those episodes are able to be listened to.

    Microsoft bought FASA Studios (the creators of the game) and killed the company before the game was even released, but it is still one of my favorite games of all time and the online community is still strong.


    What does the design of your logo mean?

    This is another homage to "Shadowrun". In the game there is a magical ability called Gust which a player can use to push away thrown grenades, other players, etc. When Gust hits a player or a floor/wall it leaves a sort of "splash" for just an instant. I thought that fleeting moment of gameplay would make a snazzy-looking logo.


    I heard that you were moving the Club...Is that True?

    Edit (08-27-2012)
    Due to what I'd like to call "Life Drama"...My move has been postponed.


    In a word...Yes...

    In a bunch of words...RITS Club is currently located in Sebastian, FL, where I have lived most of my life.

    I am moving to New Hampshire...most likely, the beautiful city of Keene (in the southwest of NH). I plan to leave on or around October, 11th 2012.

    It's a long story and has little to do with gaming, but in a nutshell...I am a part of a political movement called the "Free State Project"...LINK...where we hope to make this country a better place and  where "Liberty in your Lifetime" is the goal.

    I figured that I can do this Club anywhere and NH is as good as place as any to do it.


    Why won't you say where you work?

    I have mentioned my two jobs from time to time and I will probably continue to mention them, but I see no need to name them here on this site.
    I created RITS Club as an escape for me and my friends, not as a place to promote or complain about my workplaces.
    Besides, other than my income, my jobs have almost nothing to do with the Club.

    Edit... (06-23-2010)

    I quit my second job for various reasons, now I have more time to concentrate on making the Club a better place to visit.


    Do you loan out your games?

    No...I will not loan out my games.
    It is very important to me to maintain the collection that I have built for the Club and if I loan out or even rent out my games, there is a strong chance that many of the titles will end up missing.
    The main reason for the Club to exist is so members can get together and play games that they otherwise would not be able to.
    If games start to disappear from the collection, I would not be able to keep the Club going for very long.