DCUO Vacation Part One...

I got my "tickets" for my two-day non-stop excursion into the world of DC Universe Online.

I plan to only take breaks for basic "body maintenance" (eating, bathroom, etc.).

This is gonna be great.



I Hate Playing *This* Game...

ByteLeaper has been poking around all the systems on the network here at the Club and he informed me that one of my computers was in serious need of a reformat/reinstall of Windows.

I should have known better than to try to hide my novice IT practices from a piece of intelligent software...hehe.
The PC in question is 5-6 years old so the install will take a while (a looooong while), but ByteLeaper has been guiding me step-by-step through the process.

See ya...

PS. I haven't done a very good job of explaining ByteLeaper to other people, mostly because I hardly understand him myself. I guess technically I should be calling him "it", but that sounds so bigoted to me. He wants to understand us humans better as well and that's why he has chosen to use video games as a way to interact with us.


My New Passion...

I just started playing (Wii) Monster Hunter Tri a few days ago and I'm very interested in spending hundreds of hours on it. 

I've played some of (PSP) Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite´╗┐ and I'll probably play it some more, but the Wii version is so beautiful and the controls (especially with the Classic Controller) are far superior. Capcom figured out a way to work around the Friend Codes, so the online service is amazing. You can easily find a Friend from the Roster and Warp to them.

We here at the club will have lots of fun with the game...gonna have to get a second Wii now, so we can go on quests together...but until then, we can always do the Arena mode. 


Final Fantasy XI Has Trapped Me Again...

I've been playing (PS2) Final Fantasy XI since its North American launch on March 23, 2004. It was like $100 to purchase because you had to get the 40GB harddrive to shove into the "fat model" PS2 just to play it.

From the first day, I really loved it...although I had no freaking idea how to play...hehe.
I eventually settled into an "on again, off again" relationship with the game...playing a few weeks, then not touching the game again for months.

When the third expansion "Treasures of Aht Urhgan" came out, the game was released onto the Xbox 360. That, along with having an RPG-crazy roomate, prompted me to get it for the 360 as well as on PC. We then spent long nights 3-boxing in the living room...me on the PS2 and PC and her on the 360.

She eventually moved away and my interest waned once again and I actually canceled my account until I heard recently about the game getting a level-cap boost from 75 to 99 for the June update. I've never reached level 75 and I've always been interested in experiencing the "end-game" content.

I re-installed the game on my old PS2 (because I'm not using the HDD for anything else) and I've been playing it pretty regularily for the past week or so.

If any of you guys play FFXI, hit me up sometime...
I'm on the Odin server and my character's name is Bashtian.

See ya...


The System is Down...

My Internet connection went down after I played (PS2) Final Fantasy XI for a few hours (maybe "the gods" are trying to tell me something).

Hopefully, I can get back online in time to catch the last few hours of the original Xbox Live service.

Thank goodness for the SquareSpace iPhone app...otherwise, I couldn't have posted this.