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MAG Mondays

Game: (PSN) MAG
Date: Every Monday
Time: 5p-9p EST
Place: in the Club, Playstation Network 

I was really excited when this game first came out, but I was unable to begin playing it because of some financial troubles...but now, I'm loving the crap out of it.
Come by the Club or catch us on the PSN...I have characters on all three of the PMCs.

If you don't have MAG yet, there is a Trial that allows you full access to the game up to level 8 (which is high enough to experience the big 256 player matches).

Look for MAG in the Playstation Store.


Free Play Day

Game: Any game that is in the Club
Place: Live in the Club and/or Online (whenever possible)

I work a full-time night-shift job, so I don't  have much spare time in the evenings until my days off.

A Free Play Day is a day when I'm not scheduled to work...so I can play as much as I want...and I invite all of my friends to join me.

To schedule a "playtime", Contact us HERE


FortressCraft Experiment

An indie title inspired by "Minecraft" has got me thinking...
"What if I let the XBox Live community play in my world for 24 hours?"

Game: (360) FortressCraft (LINK to download the game from XBox Live)
Date: 7-28-2011
Time: 12a-12a EST
Place: XBox Live 
Gamertag: RITS CLUB

I'll take some pics and video of the world before and after the event...I'm really excited to see what "interesting" things will appear...hehe.


Shadowrun Saturday

The game that gave inspiration for RITS Club is now a weekly event...

Game: (360) Shadowrun
Date: Every Saturday
Time: 5p-9p EST
Place: in the Club, XBox Live 
Gamertags: RITSLive, RITS CLUB 

We hope to see you there... :-)