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PSO2 Shenanigans 

With a new PC and a Japanese game, maybe RITS Club can make a small comeback.


RITS Club...It's Not Dead Yet...

It's been quite a while since I posted here and I apologize for not trying harder to make more out of this site.
I have a few rough ideas rattling around in my noggin that I'd like to try and I'll post those once I have a better handle on them.
I've had tons of fun with the Running in the Shadows Gaming Club (RITS Club) in the past, but since I no longer have a physical location for people to meet, my gaming activities have spiraled down to almost nothing in comparison.

I greatly appreciate those of you who still follow my posts and I hope that I can grow an audience again.

See ya...Dunker


RITS Club Project...The Pixar Theory...

I find this theory to absolutely fascinating and over the next few weeks, we are going to watch all of these films in the "proper" order.

I'm not sure if we will write anything about them, but just experiencing this will be fun. 

See ya...Dunker


RITS Club has been Gutted...Now What?

No...we haven't been robbed...we've been selling off the majority of the stuff here.
Unfortunately, this means that the "good ole days" of hanging out at the Club playing games and watching movies, etc. are over.

The main reason for this is my plans for my move to New Hampshire.
In 2017, I will be moving the Club (and myself) as a part of the Free State Project (freestateproject.org) and I will be able to take with me almost nothing.
Hopefully, a year or two after I arrive, I'll be able to rebuild RITS Club and make it even better than before.

Between now and then, we will continue to do cool stuff and keep runningintheshadows.com going...only we don't know exactly what the site will look like.



Team RWBY is put through its first test...

LINK RWBY Episode 10 - The Badge and the Burden Part 2